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    I have 2 kids, ages 11 and 9, and their school announced they are going full virtual, as most schools are adopting this on a last minute decision in this area (Washington State, USA).


    I do know that schools are more prepared and will have official educational online systems in place to better serve students and their education, which means less time trying to figure out how to do these 20 assignments across 20 different websites and technologies. It will be more simple on one platform, which means less time, as a mother, to help them get set up for each assignment, which was quite time consuming.


    Since I work at home and will always work at home, I am setting aside 1-2 days a week per kid to spend no more than 2 hours with them on their assignment. I assign these days and times so I can block it out of my work calendar, or sometimes I will let my kids know ahead of time when I get a break from non-stop meetings and can help them in between.

    Also, if I think the homework amount or level is too extreme, I will express this to the teacher and give them suggestions on how I can help my kids keep up with the work if they are not grasping quickly, to alleviate the time I spend helping on my end.


    Also, keep in mind that as the world evolves, so does businesses and ideas from investors. An uber to replace taxi's for ridesharing. Great. What replaces schools? Backyard schooling. "School sharing". It was announced on the news that investors are putting money on this concept: https://www.sfgate.com/education/article/Silicon-Valley-investor-backyard-school-15455085.php


    I am very interested in this and may be looking at this as a service assuming the backyard school sizes are very small, and within the area where I live.

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